Modern Family Has Nothing on Us

When I first talk about my family, usually I talk about my husband and my kids.  We are each others’ first and only spouse and we have our two daughters and a cat.  We are almost straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting (well, I guess we would need a dog).  However, looks can be deceiving.  Once I start talking about my Whole Family, thing get complicated quickly.  So much so that my siblings and I have brought parties to a screeching halt while people try and figure out how the hell we are all related.

My siblings and I frequently joke that we need a flow chart.  I have actually tried to draw one a bunch of times but I start inventing family terms that haven’t been created and run out of paper.  I am an only child.  Or I was.  On my Mom’s side of the family I am 1 of 3 kids and on my Dad’s side of the family I am 1 of 4 kids.  So now technically, I am 1 of 6 siblings.  This doesn’t count ex-step siblings or pre-step-siblings that became ex-pre-step-siblings (haven;t seen them in 2 decades, do they don’t really count).

So after much work, I present the Cross Functional Family Flow Chart.  Siblings feel free to print and laminate before our next party or very extended family event.


*Remember when I said to be patient because I have no idea what I am doing?  I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make this big enough that you can read it – but I can link to a .pdf (see below).


Cross Functional Family Flow Chart



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